SmartCall Parent Load

SmartCall is a telemarketing system used by the Cal Poly Fund office. During calling sessions, acquisition parents of currently enrolled students are phoned. These entity records may need to be added to Advance. To faciliate a manual data entry process, these entity records can be transferred electronically from SmartCall into Advance.


This application allows authorized users review batches of SmartCall Acquisition Parents from previous night's calling sessions. Once information is reviewed, entities will be added electronically into Advance. After the entities are loaded into Advance, the corresponding pledge and/or payment will be added.


For those users needing access to this application, you may request access by contacting Jonelle Thomson, Security Chair at or 6/5860. Please note that you will not receive security access until you have completed a training session and signed our Security and Confidentiality Policy (PDF) agreement.


A training curriculum has been set up for all users requesting access to this application. If you would like more information or would like to sign up for a session, contact Craig Nelson at or 6/1558.


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